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Plasma cutting thickness 8 mm

Example of ornamental cut for gates or railings.
The material on which this admirable cut by SLIMCUT by PLASMA PLUS has been made is iron.

Also in this case, note the precision of the cut and the absence of burr, essential aspects of an ornamental cut, even for model making.
Once again we are talking about an unconventional cut, performed with the indispensable support of the SLIMCUT CNC.

We emphasize accuracy: no burrs!

Specifications plasma cutting thickness 8 mm for gates performed:

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Iron plates thickness: 8 mm.

Resolution obtained is equal to +/- 0.2 mm.

Plasma cutting 8 mm - Ear by SLIMCUT

Other examples of plasma cut of sheets and iron

Cut on SLIMCUT bench
Ritaglio di un quadrante su banco SLIMCUT
Plasma cut of sheets and iron, 10 thickness 3 mm

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