Do you want an innovative plasma cutting table drastically reducing your maintenance costs?

Slimcut plasma cutting table

SLIMCUT is a highly innovative plasma cutting machine. Based upon specific requests of our customers, it adequately meets the need to work continuously without compromising mechanical precision. In addition, SLIMCUT minimizes maintenance.

SLIMCUT is a plasma cutting machine serving the market of small companies seeking solve the thermal cutting issue autonomously and cost-effectively. However, despite its low price, SLIMCUT can be appreciated for both the quality of the product itself and of the final cut you obtain.

Banco taglio al plasma SLimcut by PLASMAS PLUS

For these reasons, SLIMCUT is a highly technological product able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. SLIMCUT cuts in 1000×1000, 1500×1500 and 1000×2000 versions, but offers its best performance in the1500x3000 version, supporting up to 20 mm sheets.

In addition to plasma cutting, SLIMCUT may be used to cut plastic and wood, thus satisfying a wider range of cutters. Thanks to the accurate and in-depth study of such versatile cut, this plasma cutting table wins full and unreserved consensus of a wide range of cutters operating in various fields.

The project

SLIMCUT by Plasma Plus is a plasma cutting machine consisting of a structure equipped with support tubes, it runs on linear guides with double circulation of spheres housed on rails (tracks).

The movement is transmitted by means of a rack and pinion coupling with backlash recovery and digital drives.

A special cable chain allows the connection between the moving machine and the ground equipment (electrical cabinet).

The motorization is 2-axis for machines less than one meter wide and 3-axis for machines one and a half meters wide. Brushless motors coupled to planetary gearboxes with reduced backlash are used for all axes.

The guides are recirculating ball with four rows. The software, very simple and intuitive, has 60 parametric figures inside and gives the possibility to import the drawings to be processed in “dxf” format and have nesting for sheet metal optimization

Banco taglio al plasma SLIMCUT by PLASMA PLUS

Stages of bench construction:

  1. Tubular assembly (photo 1)
  2. Assembly of linear guides and motors (photos 2, 3, 4)
  3. Assembly of the crosspiece and “z” axis (allows scrolling from top to bottom) (photo 5)
  4. Assembly on the machine and electrical cabinet (photo 6)
  5. Axis calibration and final testing

The plasma generator, supplied by us, is connected to the bench and that’s it: let’s start cutting!

SLIMCUT tubular assembly

1. SLIMCUT tubular assembly

Assembly of SLIMCUT linear guides and motors

2. Assembly of linear guides and motors

Assembly of SLIMCUT linear guides and motors

3. Assembly of linear guides and motors

Assembly of SLIMCUT linear guides and motors

4. Assembly of linear guides and motors

Montaggio guide lineari e motori SLIMCUT

5. Assembly of the crosspiece and “z” axis (allows sliding from top to bottom)

Assembly of SLIMCUT machine edge and electrical cabinet

6. Assembly of the machine edge and electrical cabinet

Technical features

These below are the technical characteristics of the SLIMCUT plasma cutting machine, shown here to better explain every detail.

DESCRIPTION 1000*1000 1500*1500 1000*2000 1500*3000
Sheet size-max mm 1000*1000 1500*1500 1000*2000 1500*3000
Thickness- max mm 20 20 20 20
Motorization Bruschless 2 mot Bruschless Gantry Bruschless Gantry Bruschless Gantry
Ground clearance 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Max interpolated speed 26 m/min 26 m/min 26 m/min 26 m/min
Power supply 220 VAc 1.5 A 220 VAc 1.5 A 220 VAc 1.5A 220 VAc 1.5 A
Precision 0,3mm+/- 0,3 mm+/- 0,3 mm+/- 0,3 mm +/-
Computer laptop laptop laptop laptop
Operating system included included included included
DXF file import yes yes tes yes
Parametrics yes 60 pz. yes 60 pz. yes 60 pz. yes 60 pz.
Automatic torch height control Included Included Included Included
Smoke filter excluded excluded excluded excluded
Sheet metal support bench included Included included included

SLIMCUT in action

Examples of possible cuts performed with this CNC plasma cutting table.


We liked the wordplay but, as a matter of fact, we are talking about our most satisfied and loyal customers which, thanks to SLIMCUT, have optimized their production.

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